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Every item that we sell on Mayalla is thoughtfully handcrafted by the indigenous community in Guatemala. The weaver women put so much love into its creation, that you can feel the human touch - Our items are real pieces of art with a soul! 

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Each of our pieces is beautifully unique, there are no two pieces that are exactly alike. Since all our items are handmade you can be sure that your Mayalla is one-of-a-kind!  


Ethical impact

Mayalla is built up on the idea to support the local people of Guatemala and to create opportunities for them. With fair payments for the local weavers and craftsmen for their hard work. We are using sustainable business practices and transparency is very important to us! Mayalla wants to preserve the ancient indigenous culture of Guatemala and show it to the world! 

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It can take the indigenous women in Guatemala 1- 4 months time to create their beautiful artisan fabrics ("huipils") that we use for the Mayalla production.  The patterns and the symbols on their textiles are complex and have a deep meaning that go back to the ancient Maya. 

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The bag you'll never want to take off. And luckily you won't have to, because she can be worn three different ways. The straps can be adjusted to turn the AMELIA into a backpack, crossbody, or shoulder bag.



I brought an absolutely beautiful camera strap from and I love it. If you are looking for a gift for a special person or simply want to spoil yourself then definitely check out this website for the beautiful quality products.


Fiona Brander - UK

I recently bought a Mayalla bag. I love it and its a unique piece. 1 in the world. The quality is more than excellent - real high quality leather with a hand made fabric that I came to learn is made out of green mayan textile also called hupil from Guatemala village Nebaj. The bag arrived quicker than expected and Mayalla gave an excellent service. I have visited Guatemala in the past, and trust me you won’t find better quality in the local markets.


Joana Ferreira - Portugal

Bin sehr zufrieden mit meiner ersten Mayalla Tascche :) Die Qualität ist echt top und der Kundenservice sehr zuverlässig. Hab sofort eine Antwort erhalten. UNd ich war so begeistert wie viel Mühe sie sich mit der Verpackung gegeben haben. Man bekommt dazu noch eine Karte, die erklärt was für eine Art von Textil verwendet wurde und was seine Bedeutung ist.


Nina Carolin - Germany

I usually don't write reviews but I am so in love with the convertible bag that I just bought and the amazing packaging that came with it <3 MAyalla put a lot of attention to detail and you can see that they love what they ar doing. With the bag came a little worry doll, a super beautiful postcard with a piece of handmade textile and a card that is explaining what kind of textile my bag is made of and the meaning of its symbols. So far I have been mora than happy with my Amelia! 


Jennifer Gosley - USA