The Traveler Collection


Are you a Traveler?

Perfect bags and accessories ready to be your companion in your next adventure. Take our Convertible Day Bag that can be worn in three different ways. The straps can be adjusted to turn her into a backpack, crossbody or shoulder bag. She is crafted from typical Guatemalan textiles, "huipil" or "Corte”. The textile used for each Convertible Day Bag is handwoven by the Guatemalan weaver women. The creation of the textiles can take up to 3 months.  

Take our embroidered handmade straps, ready to make your camera pop or to make your Mayalla bag more unique because it can be used as a bag strap. 

Each of Mayalla’s products is beautifully unique. No two pieces are exactly alike since they are all handmade. Products that are not factory-fabricated, that have a human touch and are special, real pieces of art with a soul. 

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